Vibrating potato digger Scout PH-1 is designed for digging potatoes, onions, beets and garlic. The equipment tightens the soil with a ploughshare, I direct potatoes to vibrating sections where tubers are cleared of the earth. After cleaning, the tubers are placed on the ground for manual collection.

The potato harvester is aggregated on a three-point system. The equipment is driven by a power take-off shaft of 540 rpm.

The Scout PH-1 vibratory potato harvester consists of two parts

  • A ploughshare that prunes and captures soil with tubers.
  • Tape of rods that clean the tubers from earth, stones and plant debris.

The screen design gently cleans the potatoes and lays the tubers on the ground.

Advantages of vibrating potato diggers Scout PH-1

  • Digs up even small tubers.
  • Potatoes are cleaned from the ground.
  • Digging depth up to 20 cm.
  • Digs up potatoes, onions, beets, etc.
  • Working speed – 5 km / h.