Return Of Goods

Return of goods is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Protection”.

Return of goods is carried out if:

– the goods are damaged during transportation;
– the product is not completed
– the product is of improper quality
– the product does not match the description or catalog number.

General terms of return of goods:

– The product was not used, and was preserved in the form in which you purchased it.
– The product has all the markings and factory seals.
– Less than 14 calendar days have passed since the date of purchase (date of issue of the check). In some cases (individually), we consider returning or exchanging goods later than 14 days.
– You have saved a sales receipt.

Which product is not subject to return or exchange:

· Used goods.
· A product that has lost its marketable appearance or consumer properties.
· Goods that have damaged seals, labels, or original packaging.
· Goods that are brought by pre-order for a specific customer.
· Goods that are not subject to return in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Consumer Protection”

You can return the goods in the retail store “Zemagromash” or send to our address by Nova Poshta.

To return to the store you need to have:

– the original warranty card (if it was included with the goods);
– a document confirming payment for the goods;
– if the purchase of goods was paid for by card – the payment card from which the payment was made;
– identity document.

How to return the goods

· It is mandatory to first agree on the return with Zemagromash employees. This can be done by any communication channel convenient for you.
· Send the goods to the return address indicated on the parcel. If you do not have a return address – it can be clarified with our staff, or returned by New Mail.
· The parcel cannot be sent postpaid. Otherwise, we will not be able to get it.
· After sending the parcel, we must provide us with the declaration number so that we can track and receive your return.

To return the goods by Nova Poshta it is necessary to send the goods according to the details:

Recipient: Zemagromash
Delivery type: Warehouse № ———
Address: Branch №1: st. ————————
“Return delivery” and “Cash on delivery” services must be canceled
Delivery payment – at the expense of the sender

How to return money for returned goods:

· Refunds are agreed at the return agreement stage.
· Funds are returned in different ways, depending on the way they were deposited.
· Funds are non-refundable.