Mini tractor SCOUT T-35

Mini tractor SCOUT T-35

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The mini-tractor SCOUT T-15 is a basic unit that will perform most tasks in agriculture.

Recommended area of ​​application of the SCOUT T-15 (Generation II) tractor:

  • For soil cultivation up to 1 hectare.
  • For mowing hay or thick grass up to 5 hectares.
  • For planting, growing and harvesting any crops up to 1 hectare.

The operation of the tractor is simple and intuitive. Detailed instructions in Russian for the tractor itself and for attachments will not allow you to make mistakes, and the free hotline of the SCOUT service center will answer any question.

Thanks to the improvements in 2019, which were carried out with the second generation SCOUT model range of tractors, the equipment has successfully passed laboratory tests in Poland and received an EU certificate. Since 2019, SCOUT tractors have been operating in Poland and the Baltic countries.

Advantages of the SCOUT T-15 (Generation II) 2021 tractor

  • Reinforced chassis, which is produced in St. Petersburg, removes the problem of frame skew; improved welding quality; added cross-links; increased weight. Increased driver space.
  • New design: signature metallic color, separate headlights, high and low beam lenses, combined rear optics, rear fenders design. Additional tail light for illumination of attachments.
  • A vertical fire-fighting muffler is installed.
  • Fuses are installed in the electrical system.
  • Plastic frost-resistant stickers and warning signals.
  • Compact hydraulic unit: tank + pump + single-circuit distributor. Optionally, it can be replaced with a valve with a large number of circuits.
  • A set of quick-detachable weights weighing 80 (front) + 36 (rear) kg. The estimated weight was calculated in laboratory tests at the Agrarian University of St. Petersburg. Front ballasts increase tractor efficiency by 25%, and rear ones by 15% more.
  • Front wheels with longitudinal tread for rear-wheel drive tractors (size 4.5-12), which increases tractor efficiency by 7%.
  • Chip collection magnets in the engine sump, gearbox and hydraulic oil tank extend the life of every part.

Mini-tractors SCOUT T-15 (Generation II) are equipped with single-cylinder diesel engines. The motor is equipped with sensors for coolant temperature, oil pressure, ammeter, radiator expansion tank.

The mechanical transmission SCOUT with a planetary differential ensures the minimum turning radius and the absence of tire wear.

Rear Single-Point Hitch – Patented attachment raise and lower design with gear PTO and float hydraulic distributor. It aggregates up to 50 types of equipment to SCOUT tractors.

The network of tractor salons GARDENSHOP is the official distributor of SCOUT equipment in Russia. We provide field service in those regions where there is an authorized service center, or we pay transportation costs for remote warranty service. Attention! Branded SCOUT tractors are equipped with an engraved logo on the gearbox, as well as a logo stamp on the protective wheel fenders. Pay attention to this – avoid low-quality products!


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