Tractor tractor dump truck 2PTS-4

Tractor tractor dump truck 2PTS-4

250 000 грн

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Tractor trailer 2PTS-4 – functional equipment, used to transport a variety of agricultural goods and materials: grain, silage, manure, gravel, sand, as well as other bulk and artificial goods on all types of roads and in the field.

Trailers 2PTS-4 Zemagromash are made with the strengthened frame and boards, on a rotary circle, can be with one main board of 0,6m, or with the main and superstructure 1,15m in height. If the trailer is planned to be used as a grain truck, overhead boards are established continuous, if for utilities, we make with a grid.

The tractor trailer is equipped with high-quality, reliable domestic hydraulics, which makes it possible to unload loads on three sides, and the correctly calculated design of the frame allowed to increase the tipping angle of the platform to 55º.

Improved running capabilities of the PTS trailer due to the installation of reinforced springs with extensions. The increased clearance of a running gear allows to transport freights even on off-road, and installation of light and light reflecting devices gives the chance to operate 2PTS-4 even at night.

You can buy the trailer trailer 2PTS-4 at us at the enterprise, to order by phone, or to leave the application at us on the website.


Вантажопід’ємність, т
Об’єм кузова, м³
Габаритні розміри:
Маса, т
Транспортна швидкість, км/год
Трактор, кл.
Кількість осей
Ширина колії, мм


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